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30 Apr 2015

I’ve been thinking of writing a personal blog for a long time now, but have never found the time. I’ve never been a particularly prolific blogger and things like this are usually the first to fall by the wayside when things get busy.

Lately, though, I’ve found more and more things that I’d like to write about (as much for myself as anyone else) which are tech-related, but don’t really fit on C2B2’s blog where I post all my Java middleware related things.

Often, if I have a project I want to work on, I’ll get into it quickly and make good progress, then have to put it to one side for a while. Once I’ve lost that momentum, it’s incredibly difficult to re-engage my brain and pick up where I left off. I know I’m not the first or the last with this problem, but hopefully by writing down my progress somewhere public, I’ll have a decent enough reference to pick up from in the future.

A lot of this blog is going to be me finding my way with things I dont’ really understand yet. Maybe, as I muddle my way through, I might even post something that’s useful to someone, somewhere.

I’m also really bad at titles, so sometimes I just copy what worked for someone else.