Mike Croft

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Beginning a New Chapter

21 May 2018

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018 and my final day at Payara. The day after will be Wednesday the 23rd of May and my first day as a consultant with Red Hat.

The last few weeks have been very surreal. I’ve been with Payara since before it existed, so it’s hard not to feel sad to leave it behind, despite looking forward to a new future. I’m really proud of what we’ve built together in Payara - both the software and the company - and it’s really heartening to leave it in such a strong position and experiencing such a lot of growth.

Although I’m sad to leave such a fun place to work, and such great friends, I’m excited about what the future might hold. I’m joining Red Hat as a consultant which, I hope, will give me the opportunity to work more closely with customers. I’ve always enjoyed working to solve “real world” problems, so this seemed like the natural choice to make.

I’m also really excited to see how Payara develops from the outside. Knowing the hugely talented people that work there, I am expecting some big things!

The only thing that’s left now is to see where the future takes me. And get myself a stylish new hat.